DataBase Solutions Inc.

Building the IT Solutions that work for your Business!

DataBase Solutions Inc. (DBS) is a database design, software and mobile development company. We have been in business since 1993 and are a Microsoft Registered Partner and Oracle Business Partner, delivering solutions to clients throughout Wisconsin, Arkansas and New Jersey.

We Speak Your Language

Ever feel like you need a translator when you talk to a programmer? The Consultants at DBS are not only experts in database architecture and design, we also have a skill rare for software engineers: We gladly communicate in a way a non-technical person can understand. Techno-babble not spoken here! We fit into your business culture, never the other way around.

Database design
Relational database design is critical for robust, scalable applications

Database Solutions with the Whole Brain

Often, programmers get so focused on problem-solving, they approach a project using only one hemisphere of their brain and the other lobe loses focus on the business needs that the project is supposed to solve. DBS has the skill, knowledge and experience to analyze the project scope and plan a solution that fulfills the criteria, while never losing focus of the end result. We call it Whole Brain Thinking.

Application Development that hits the Ground Running

The DBS team of project managers, architects and programmers create silutions that enable our clients to gain competitive advantages through emerging technologies and a laser focus on client goals. We beleive in building applications that meet business needs while remaining scalable, robust and flexible.

What is a Partner?

We seek long term relationships with our clients. We become experts in their industry and the technology that drives their industry. We then strive to make our clients more profitable by leveraging out expertise in database, software and mobile technologies. A partner is defined as one who is associated with another or others in some activity of common interest. We forge strong relationships with our client partners built on mutual trust to create the best business solutions.

No Job is too Small

Do you have a Microsoft Access or Excel application that has run out of steam? Or have you taken it as far as you can? We are happy to help either mentoring or finishing up the project. Of course we still do work with legacy systems like xBase and Foxpro. Need more convincing? Please contact us directly with questions and we will respond promptly!